Please permit me to start by appreciating my coordinating team led by Dr. Favour Ayodele,
our chief host the AWLO Lagos Chapter led by the coordinator Mrs. Maureen Omeibe and
my dependable AWLO Headquarters team led by the General Manager of AWLO, Ms.
Ekemini Akpakpan. Without you guys, we won’t be here this morning. Thank you very
much for working tirelessly to make this a reality.

According to the originators of the Global mission of the HeforShe Movement
“HeForShe is an invitation for men and people of all genders to stand in solidarity with
women to create a bold, visible and united force for gender equality. The men of
HeForShe aren’t on the sidelines. They’re working with women and with each other to
build businesses, raise families, and give back to their communities.” Therefore, this meeting is to reinforce the goals of the global HeforShe Movement andfor every one of us to pledge today to gender parity. We are here to shape new
perspectives on gender development and harness the leadership potential of women.


The World Economic Forum 2018 Gender Gap Report provides data showing the 2 top
areas of gender gap incidence being Political followed by Economic Empowerment at
77.1% and 41.9% respectively. A remarkable pointer to women’s lack of participation in
areas of leadership, influence, and decision making even though they are members of the
society as well and are impacted directly by decisions. On Economic Empowerment as
well, the report shows the adverse toll of women’s engagement in unpaid tasks and less
control of finances and assets. They are other areas of health and education which beg the
big question; in what area will you personally affect change, to conceive a gender equitable world?

This first Heforshe Africa Summit themed “A Pledge to Gender Parity” will capture:

• Stakeholders’ opinions on sustaining gender parity in politics, economy, business,
workplace culturally and socially.
• Open discussions to shape new narratives on gender equality, with men in
partnership with women
• Signups to the HeforShe Global Movement

Contributions of HeforShe Ambassadors currently promoting Gender Equality in
different spheres to draw an action plan in partnership with women for advancing
gender equality and thus, the status of women.
Opportunities and increased access to decision-making positions for women, and how men
can take an active part in facilitating women’s engagement in Leadership.


• The Action Plan generated from the HeforShe Africa Summit will be circulated
and effectively incorporated by stakeholders in their respective domains.
• Men in attendance become invested in women’s interest and incorporate it into
everyday decision making at the workplace, policy making, culturally, and across
• All men in attendance will form and share new perspectives.
• All men in attendance will make a commitment to the HeforShe Movement and
Gender Parity



Distinguished AWL0 Heforshe members, every day we have the opportunity to inspire
the next generation of women leaders by what we choose to give voice to. Our choices
have an incredible spillover effect on our young girls, our daughters, nieces, and the
several young women we mentor from nearby and from afar. There are many eyes
looking up to me and to each one of you. Let’s give them the conviction to believe in
themselves as we believe in ourselves. A pledge to Gender Parity can only actively and
remarkably acknowledged by a responsive approach. What we stand for today dictates
the pace tomorrow.

We have been intentional in the selection of speakers for this heforshe summit. So, relax
and enjoy great sessions.
I welcome you great leaders of worth to this historic summit. God bless you.