• Not for us alone do we strive. We strive for the voiceless. We strive not for a place in history, but for a story in the hearts of our children; that they may have a place in the future where passion and vision forms an alliance, and cascades into generational change across boundaries.

It was truly an honor to be hosted by Her Excellency, Ellen Sirleef Johnson, former President of Liberia, Nobel Peace Prize and Mo Ibrahim Prize Winner…. above all, an iconic African Woman of Worth. She colored my day beautifully with her endorsement of my book and some lovely comments…. “Dr. Attai, this is the best book I have seen celebrating and encouraging African Women Leaders. I’m really proud of you, I welcome you once again to Liberia.”

I am grateful for this little contribution to celebrate and honor the African woman, and to raise, inspire our daughters to stand on their shoulders. THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK.

We are going LIVE on Amazon this week and we are going to be available for download worldwide soon.