A group of irate men took up stones to hurl at a woman that was thrust out to a village Square for execution. They were to throw the stones at her as was allegedly dictated by their law; and what was her crime? She was said to have been caught in adultery in the very act, and where was her accomplice? Exonerated! She was simply thrust out for judgment as a victim and scapegoat.  This was misogyny at work by these irate male accusers!

Similarly, in the Garden of Eden, Adam thrust out Eve for blame and culpability while he, the derelict Leader and Manager of the Garden exonerated himself. His words “the woman you gave me” was full of indictment and terribly accusatory. He did not own any responsibility. The difference between then and now is that there is activism for gender parity. Misogyny is taking more than a tolerable toll in exacerbating the empowerment of women and the gender gap.

Misogynistic behavior of men and the  deleterious effects – have not only set back the empowerment dream, the dream of its sustainability; but it has also jeopardized the dream, that gender parity may ever happen unless there is He-for-She such as you, on the ground!

I congratulate you because you are the arrow head, the anointed ones to usher in a new order in the gender-parity saga. The new order of introducing and driving globally the counterpart of the Empowerment Challenge namely: Gender Relations Mentoring (GRM).  THAT IS WHAT IN MY VIEW, He-for-She is all about so that emancipation of women and their affirmation can take place for the complementation to bring about a new order of peace and prosperity.


We are here today, as Marie Curie counseled us, to UNDERSTAND BETTER AND TO WORK BETTER TOGETHER AND SIDE BY SIDE AS GOD has ordained for us.


  1. Fundamental Errors in generalizing gender-discrimination and exclusion. There is Need for better understanding to correct this error. Biology of women should preclude generalizing discrimination against women. A woman ages powerfully! While she may shed physical sexual attraction for the male, she acquires what we call Gender Neutrality Qualities which make her stronger than a man of her age. From age 55 an average woman is no more a biological gender. While her male counterpart is sometimes wallowing in self-pity for loss of virility – she rises in power, strength, integrity and in astuteness; and generally she is a Power Resource. She usually outlives the man and does better than the man in any sphere. Yet you discriminate and exclude her! Think of it! Wrong to exclude her, discriminate against her and to deny her parity and in fact her superior status. To exclude her is to further rob the nation of the quintessence, integrity and voice of power of a Matriarch!!
  2. The increasing episode of toxic masculinity meting out violence, rape, subjugation, brutal rape and violations is a horrific brew of both psychology and social culture! Rape as you know is like a military conquest, brutality and a hate crime! This has lead to the conclusion that men’s unconscious mind harbors hate for women. This is possibly due to the Oedipus Complex- Trans-historical and international occurring across race, and creed, status. Research needs to be done on this. The phenomenon of Psycho-sexual development, which trauma of family experience can exacerbate. It can be moderated by a loving peaceful family experience. Fathers have a role to play and can by their good examples of fatherhood; responsible maleness and parenting; help their sons to learn to become safe males. Otherwise pathological chauvinism that can unleash repressed feelings of misogyny, such as rape and terrible sexual abuses in playback of early default settings from childhood can lead to abusiveness by a male.
  3. Salient issues. Escalating misogyny and its consequences- Escalation in violence against women, rapes, abuses, and deleterious socio-cultural practices. About 10000 rape and other sexual abuses every day, only 18% representation  in the National Ministerial List, worsening the gender gap statistics despite some break through appointments of women in the corporate world.
  4. Worsening gender gap statistics despite some break through appointments of women, but few and far between. For instance, only about 3% representation achieved from the last election- worse than 2011
  5. Muzzling of 51% of the human population and manpower resource- Emasculation OF THE National economy and growth due to discrimination and consequent disempowerment- not the least is the stifling of the talents of 51% of the population in sacrifice to gender discrimination.
  6. Result? Voluntary deficits- at the altar of gender prejudice and chauvinism.

Note: Feminism is not about making women strong, neither is empowerment. Women are already strong. As Golding said with the countless assets of women- even superiority in leadership, and multi-potentialities, “women are foolish to pretend that they are equal to men, they are superior and always have been”. Misogyny by men will make gender parity unattainable even in 2063. Misogynistic behavior of men is worse than any other factor in the way of gender parity.

  1. The Operative Platform of misogyny in the sub-conscious of men is thus-


The love-hate, flip- flop of men is to be addressed by He-for-She. This is the BUG behind gender gap! Men love women; but hate women because of the hangover of Oedipus complex (research it)

  • Husbands love their wives but kill them
  • Lovers love their partners but kill them. To date misogyny in action recorded 500 females killed by their intimate partners in 2017 and Africa has the largest share.
  • Fathers love their daughters, but give them out for underage marriage- succumbing to pressure of culture and upsurge of misogyny.
  • Men love women to perform excellently at work, but demand sex for favor, concessions, contracts or for promotions or exam success (sex for marks)
  • Husbands love their wives; but resent or hate their wives’ success
  • Fathers love their daughters; but give preferential treatment and concessions to their sons; and rejoice more when boys are born
  • Men love women- give them flowers- but sabotage and reject women’s bill for equalization!
  • Male employers want the best workers- but negate HR interviews and insist on interviewing girls personally before employment- often sex for employment and pay check!
  • Men love women but grudge their high positions in office and keep scheming against women colleagues.
  • Men love women but reject their leadership and keep them politically impotent



Solution – self exam, heart surrender and necessary metanoia!!

Metanoia- change of mind-set. I think that the flip-flop love-hate attitude of men should engage He-for-She deliberations and programs- featuring a macro- universal counterpart to the empowerment saga SDG 5 of the UN in what I call GRCM- GENDER RELATIONS COACHING AND MENTORING PROJECT- to engage men, fathers, and male employers.


  • Metanoia
  • Imitation of God who is the greatest empowerer of women. The daughters of Zelophehad, Numbers 36:2; were given equal rights with men to inherit parental property. In Christ there is neither male or female for those of us Christians

UNLESS THIS COUNTERPART BY THE HE-FOR-SHE IS INNITIATED- the hope of women mainstreaming in leadership which is the core dream of AWLO will be a mirage.

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP –plus its counterpart, GENDER REALTIONS IMPROVEMENT FOR MEN will reduce the obstacles for gender parity and improve women empowerment sustainability.