To all Nigerian men and women, innocent young boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen who have fallen victim of police brutality and assault at one time or the other, the African Women in Leadership Organisation solidarizes with you.

We stand firm in the faith that the new order of things which we foresee will bring a more efficient and effective administration of justice that humanizes the once dehumanized national pride which is our Nigerianess.

The African Women in Leadership Organisation also shows deep solidarity with all countrymen and countrywomen who have sustained the fire and call for equatable and dignifying policing throughout the country and the far-reaching security of all and sundry.

Public authorities will attain productive dialogue when common grounds are found and respect for demands is demonstrated through thoughtful audience and when Reason prevails over emotions.

In solidarity we stand!


Dr. Elisha Attai
Founder, African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO)