This is one of the most exciting times to be part of a driving philosophy and to be a member of the African Women in Leadership Organization Family. The clarity of our vision is not in doubt, the ideals we profess has stood up to scrutiny and passed all the tests of enduring legacies. We have come a long way since the dream first took root in my heart. From 2009 till 2019; it has been a satisfying decade of connecting dreams, aspirations, purpose, and empowering women in leadership, collaborations, and partnerships across the world.

We did not stop with women. Yes, you may question why? It is impossible to connect with women, and not get through to children, the youth and ultimately, the men. It is only the discerning that can fully understand the power embedded in the female gender. Only the wise can humble themselves to harness that extraordinary power. And only a select few can connect that power and direct its matchless force towards creating a future. Therein lies the secret of sustainability. A thickly corded thread woven in relentless pursuit and strategic focus.

As believers in the vision of the global champion for gender equality #UNWomen; AWLO strives to uphold the standards that create an enabling environment for every woman and girl to freely exercise her human rights and live up to her full potential. We work globally raising awareness through our programs to make the vision of the UN Sustainable Development a reality for women and girls. In advancing and positioning AWLO’s mission internationally, we have greater influence in building sustainable peace through humanitarian actions, and resilience through stability in a violence-free society.

We are witnessing an unprecedented growth across borders, changing mindsets and investing in human capital development. We have no choice, no alternative, but to continue walking the blazing trail where AWLO has created in courageous discipline and dedication. That is why we stand with you all, boldly today, opening impactful and rewarding alliances, building and reinforcing an unshaken foundation. We are not stopping. Our strategy is to expand further internationally as changing agents in the long-neglected ideals of instilling worth in our capabilities.

Focusing on empowerment for sustainability is critical to realizing our vision. The AWLO Canada Family has been created to do just that! This new family will help build your network across the world and give you new exposures to ideas, with access to professional development in your competencies. Do you know what your competency gaps are, and what experience you need to bridge them? AWLO is that BRIDGE! To be able to adapt, to leverage the many opportunities offered, your next level will be achieved through a partnership between you and a supporting team. AWLO is that TEAM!

There has never been a better time to consolidate on our giant strides than now; contributing directly to a restored future through sustainable platforms in the corporate world. Over the unfolding years, we strongly believe that our deepening competencies and broadening experiences will set AWLO on a path of empowered sustainability, leading to economic autonomy, income security, women leadership, and total eradication of gender discrimination. AWLO is certain of a future where women are overwhelmingly represented in political and economic decision-making processes.

I hope you find this brief speech helpful in understanding our journey and will guide you in actively supporting, generating and expanding our goals in whatever roles suited to your growing potentials.

Thank you all, for this amazing opportunity and the warm reception of a widening family bond. On behalf of the many branches  of AWLO worldwide, our Board of Trustees, our Coordinators, our Regional Heads, our HeforShe heroes; we gladly welcome you into a thriving community of visionary go-getters, passionate builders, and worthy ambassadors where ideas and best practices are shared, new relationship is formed, and collaboration and learning is the norm.

It is as much about you, as it is about AWLO. Remember always; A BRIDGE and A TEAM! In order words: WE WALK TOGETHER! WE GROW TOGETHER!!

Thank you all!