As Liberia celebrates her unification day, the Vice President of Liberia Her Excellency Jewel Howard Taylor as assured the public that the President Gorge Manner Weah lead administration will bring good tidings, inclusive growth and development to the people of Liberia.

She made this statement in an interview with a radio station on the Unification day May 14th.

At the early part of the interview which lasted for about 1 hour, she appreciated the millions of people who gave the mantle of authority to the administration.

In the interview, She stated clearly that the country New Liberia is opened for investors from across the globe and willing to further enhance the working environment for business to thrive. “Liberia is ready for business” she said, she reiterated the commitment of the President George Weah lead administration in bringing in investors into the country and ensuring the businesses have a conducive environment to operate. According to her, among many other plan set in place for ensuring business creation and growth is that the government has set aside money from the recent budget for business to access small loans.

She emphasised the interest of the administration in agriculture as a vital tool to drive the country’s economy by making farming more easier to embark upon by the public. Also mentioned the commitment of the Gorge Weah led administration plans to encourage the private sectors and improve the economy at large.

When asked about the relationship between her and the President, she assured that its very cordial , reiterating her loyalty to the president. “I agree to be a part of his team and follow his lead. Liberia must be my priority.”