Many events to indicate the beginning of a new dawn for the people of Liberia.

Africa is yet to recover from the win of Liberia’s first female Vice President-elect; Her Excellency Senator Jewel Taylor. Here is a perfect scenario of beside every successful man is a woman, some people are even calling her the jewel on Weah’s crown.

In this season, It looks like Jewel Taylor has a lot going great for her. Asides from counting down to taking the oath of office on 22nd January, she turned 55 on 17th January.

What everyone is proud of most, was how she chose to spend this perfect day with those who really matter; the people of her community.

This should be a sign that good governance is about to sweep us off our feet in this regime. Skip back to the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit 2016 in Africa, when Barrack Obama was making a case for good governance in Africa.

                 “Good Governance means that everybody has a Voice”, he emphasized.

Governance is truly about leaders making themselves accessible to the people, to resonate with them. This will be crucial in making decisions that add value.

Senator Taylor was also in the company of the President-elect, George Weah and his amiable wife, the First Lady. Amidst spending quality time, the duo served good food to the people. We could recall that Weah spoke of identifying with the needs of the poor during campaigns when he said

Like many of you, I have been a victim of poverty”.

Senator Jewel Taylor truly means well for the Citizens of Liberia. And her partnership with Weah should see to the fruition of her good intentions. “Giving to the less fortunate People” she says was the goal of her birthday.

The words “We rise by lifting others up” by Robert Ingersoll have never had truer meaning than now. Here is to congratulating Senator Jewel Taylor on her new age and blazing a trail as the first female Vice President of Liberia.